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Pairing: Trevor x Reader

Summary: You gotta make a decision.

Warning Level: ●○○○○ Low


For three minutes you stood in front of the broken, dirty mirror in the women’s restroom. You were just looking into it. Looking at your own face. You looked horrible. Skin paler than ever, dark circles around the eyes, hair out of place and very tired expression. In the ‘normal’ world everyone would look at you shocked. They would ask you if you were okay. Probably. But this wasn’t the normal world. It was nothing like the normal world. This was desert hell. You just matched your environment right now. And that was an even more horrible thought.

There was an open window to your right. It wasn’t very big, but large enough to climb through it. Theoretically. You walked over to it, leaning forward to look outside. All you saw was darkness and the stars. The light form the bathroom lit only a few meters of sand behind the hut. Your hands held tight onto the windowsill. It was so dark out there… So dark. Who would find you if you just hid somewhere out in the desert’s pitch black nothingness? Someone with a goddamn off road truck with headlights. Your grab weakened. The desert is huge. You could run in a hundred directions. How would he know? It was silent like a graveyard out here. He would hear you pant like a dog. It was like good and evil fighting for the decision, while you felt your arm pumping again, where a dangerous hand had held it.

Trevor was already eating his giant meat-packed sandwich like an animal, when you appeared back at the table. You had the same huge thing laying on your plate, waiting for you. Your stomach commanded you to eat already, so you did. It was like heaven after all this shit you’ve gone through. For a few minutes, you didn’t even care anymore, where you were, or what would await you. The basic instincts were just too strong. It was almost as if you had never tasted anything so good, in your whole life before. You were only half through, when Trevor let out a loud belch. He was grinning again, watching you gulp down your food. At that point, you realized one thing, and you started to chew a little slower. That man hadn’t even been worried about you fleeing at all. He wasn’t surprised you came back. He knew you would. You looked at the salad on your sandwich. This guy wasn’t just intimidating. He knew that he was. It was calculation. Your brain was working like steam train now.

With a fizzing, Trevor opened his beer bottle, quickly pouring half of it’s content down his throat. You had slowed down your eating so much, it took you another ten minutes to finish your plate. On purpose. You had squeezed your toast so carelessly, your hand were full of mayonnaise. You showed them to him.

»Gotta go wash my fingers.«

»Hmh.« Trevor wasn’t minding you much, just concentrating on his beer, when you stood up.

You entered the restroom again, thrilled this time. You could do it. You knew you could do it. There was no doubt you could run from an old, drunk hobo, in the middle of the night. He was so overconfident, when he realized you were gone, it would be much too late. You climbed onto the heating, and over the ledge of the little window. It wasn’t hard to jump out of it. Not losing any time, you started running for your life. The adrenaline was kicking in like never before. There was nothing in front of you and a crazy killer somewhere behind you. You didn’t dare to look back. You were pretty sure he was still sitting in that shed, drinking happily, but then again, he was like something out of a horror thriller. He could be a meter away from you, and you wouldn’t be surprised. The sand under your feet made it so hard to run, you were exhausted in no time. But you just couldn’t stop now. This was about living or dying. Like in slowmotion, you carried yourself over the dunes.

You had lost your sense for time and distance, once you had started running. You didn’t have any clue how far you had come. Only rocks and plants had crossed your way. No road, no sign. Your legs felt like two big rocks, pulling you down. In your head, the brown, demonic eyes were staring at you, telling you, that you did something stupid. It was all like a nightmare, with Freddy chasing after you, just laughing about the hopeless attempt to escape. This was his world. You couldn’t get rid of Trevor’s grinning face in your imagination. Should you just have stayed? Playing the ‘good girl’, hoping for him to release you some day? Fuck that. It was too late to consider that. A weak light then caught your eye. There was the shape of a building appearing right on your path. Something small but solid. When you came closer, you saw it was a gas station and car-repair. Not very large and not exactly modern, but it wasn’t abandoned. Your heart jumped. They had to have a telephone. You stumbled over the concrete, right to the glass door. It was locked. Gas stations in the desert just weren’t 24/7 you guessed.


No-one answered. Crickets were chirping like it was a joke. You were so close now. So close to safety. You were too tired and exhausted to keep on running. And this psychopath was probably searching for you by now. This was an emergency. You looked around you and spotted a trash container. A crowbar was laying on top of it, like god put it there. You took the cold iron and went back to the entrance. This was crazy. You felt a criminal. But they would forgive you, once they heard your story. There was nothing else you could do. You swung the bar over your head, ready to smash the door, when you were blinded by an awfully bright light behind you, reflected by the glass.

- End of Chapter 05 -
Sorry this one took so long. :P
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